Every motion-grapher is a smart man!

He appreciates the time spent with own family, children or with a friends. And therefore he wants to minimize time at the computer. Due to this purpose were in a world of motion design and animations, created expressions. They are unsightly looking strings which makes the work easier and I want to point out the few top after effects expresions, what are usefull at everytime. These are really the basics and for many advanced operator, this article will become obsolete:

1.) What would it be the world without WIGGLE. 🙂 If you want randomize your position, rotation or any other parameters you always choose wiggle:


X represent frequency per second; Y represent amplitude of change. Wiggle(2,100) on the X position will wiggling (smooth randomising) moving object two times per second 100 pixels from default position to both sides.


Example of use: Camera hand shaking

2.) Another always usable is:


X represents the number multiplied with time. (Time*-25) on rotation means that i can automaticly rotate all the time parameter to negative numbers in speed divided by 25.


Example of use: all linear animations

3.) If you want let some object oscillate in your animation you can use this:



First row give us value of the range -1 to 1. And we use this range in second row and change it to different range from 0 to 400. When we use this expression on position value the object will oscillate by cosine theorem from 0 to 400 in selected axis by speed divided by 2.

cos cos_2

Example of use: What about clock pendulum or blinking traffic light?

4.) When you have manually complete difficult animation with keyframes, you can just repeat it by simply:



Example of use: for all who dont like CTRL+C & CTRL+V 🙂

What is your favorite expression?

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