Alias DCP.

DCP is an equivalent to analog 35 mm film strip in modern digital world. I will not discuss what is better or worse because both of them has still today own supporters, but much more often in real life you will get touch with digital version. Almost all Cinemas in the World has upgraded to the digital playing of the movies. In the next article i will describe some specification of those packages.

They are only two group of Cinema Packages. By the DCI specification and every others.

DCI specification represent 2K or 4K image resolution in 24 fps or 48 fps (frame per second) in JPG2000 sequence / Interop. Also there can be packed both eyes (called stereoscopic). Only acceptable is XYZ color space. In second group of the DCP’s you can put into the package almost everything from 720p to 4K, from 23,97fps to 120fps. It depends on the cinema servers and of course on the projector. When you want to ensure that your DCP will work, use always, and only, DCI specification. It guarantees you, that video will playable in every cinema over the world. All package is composed from MXF files, separatelly audio / video, from XML files what tells the player how long is the movie, where is video or audio and how type is it. DCP has much more settings but i will descibe only the main of them:


2K – 2048 × 858 – DCI scope version (also as 2.39:1)

2K – 1998 × 1080 – DCI flat version (also 16:9 or 1,85:1)

4K – 4096 × 1716 – DCI scope version

4K – 3996 × 2160 – DCI flat version

Data rate:

Usually is 3D movies in 125MBs per each eye and 2D movies in 250MBs. But you may encounter in addvertisement packages with much more less datarate.


There are RGB color space and XYZ. RGB file is as RAW projected to the screen. But in XYZ files is in projector special filter convert image back to do RGB color space. You can see really violet colorchange:

 RGB version


XYZ version


The XYZ color space you can also find as „DCDM XYZ Gamma 2.6“. This conversion you can do in special software what makes the DCP’s, or for example in After Effects etc.

DCNC (Digital Cinema Naming Convention):

Is really common name the movies or addvertisement with this convention. The projectionist will know everything what is importnant about devilered package. It seems really strange but in explanation is easy to understand it:


NAME: detailed names of package

ADV1: category (advertisement, feature, trailer, etc.) with version number

2D: 2d or 3d version

F: Flat/Scope/Full (F/S/C)

EN: Language of audio

SK: Language of subtitle

US: Territory

12A: Rating

51: Audio type (5.1; 6.1; 7.1; 2.0)

SK: Narrative description

2K: Resolution (2K / 4K / 4K48)

DI: Studio

20141208: date

FDC: Facility

VF1: Package type (original, version1, etc.)

 These are few mainly settings parameter when are needed if you are making DCP packages. There are also others like KDM key which allow playing only people / server where is USB flashdisk (with KDM key) inserted into the server. KDM key can limit playing to numbers of shows or just by date. This are usually use on the movies where the distributor have full control when is possible the movie playing. You can also does package in MPG (not only JPG 2000).

There are few applications to create DCP and I can recommend three: CineAsset, CuteDCP or one free project OpenDCP.

My question:

I don’t get why is necessary convert RGB image to XYZ and than back again to humanely RGB?

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