Dont worry! Slow down or speed up.

I remember when I first time opened the clients source material of 30 seconds long addvertisement, put it on the timeline and i saw that the footage is 31,6 sec long. I did not understand for a while why someone make this weird lenght of the video??? Reason: It was conversion from 25 frame per second to the cinema 24 fps. I had to transcript it to the DCP.

So, this one is really simple tip:

When you need to convert cinema version (24fps) of the video to 25(fps), or backwards, you always use slowing or speeding up method! Dont be afraid from this procedure. It makes big companies also. 🙂 NEVER USE RESAMPLE METHOD!

In the second step does not forget, that sound also need to change. When you have listened original and changed material, you can recognized the different between each other. But trust me, no one will recognized it. And result in a picture is without any lags or other kind of damaging video.

This process is not for other fps than 24/25!

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